Ministry of Labour

The Republic of The Union of Myanmar



Developing the nation by tripartite cooperation of Government, employer and employee in confirmity with the labour laws and implementing in the area of immigration, registration and collecting data of population in line with the National Policy systematically.


  1. Emerging peaceful and stable working environment by establishing good tripartite relations among Government, employer and employee.
  2. Enforcing labour legislation for getting benefits included in labour laws
  3. Promoting occupational safety, and reducing occupational accident and disease.
  4. Enchancing decent work within the nation and overseas, and ensuring to be safe migration.
  5. Conducting skills training to upgrade the competitiveness of the workforce.
  6. Implementing social security scheme to provide social protection and health
    care for insured workers.
  7. Settling labour disputes in accord with the labour law concerned.
  8. Conducting research on labour affairs, and collecting and compiling labour market information.
  9. Collaborating on international and reginal labour affairs.